Farmers, Ranchers, Gardeners, and Artisans

Interested in selling your goods on the Food Hub or at the Farmers Markets?

Selling your Products on the Food Hub

Whether you grow a little or a lot, if you produce extra food, we want to invite you to participate as a producer in the Surprise Valley Grown Food Hub.
There is no minimum requirement for the amount of produce, value-added products, or USDA-inspected meat you can make available through the Hub, and you can skip as often as you like.  To become a Hub producer, you need to read the short producer manual, fill out the agreement and the info sheet, register with the “Approved Source Program,” and make sure you have the right insurance coverage.

Selling your Products at the Farmers Markets

For All Vendors

  • Modoc CFM Rules and Regulations: 2022 Rules and Regulation
  • Vendor Application: 2020VendorApp.pdf
  • A filled-out load sheet is required at the end of every market. If you have a lot of different items, you will also want the load sheet supplement. Load sheets will be available at the market but if you want to start filling it out before the market you can get a head start.
  • All Vendors must have a sign posted with their business/farm name that states "We Grow/Produce/Make What We Sell". Here is a sign template where you can write in your name.
  • If you are giving out food samples, please follow these Safe Sampling Procedures

For Vendors of Produce, Eggs, Honey, and Nursery Stock (Certified Agricultural Producers)

  • Download a copy of a blank Certified Producers Certificate and Supplement. Submit them to Modoc County Ag Commissioner: 202 West 4th Street, Alturas, CA 96101. The Ag Department will assign you a number and return your certificate to you for display at your booth. Please also make a copy for Market Management to keep on file. There is no fee for this certificate. Questions: (530) 233-6401,
  • If you are selling eggs, you will need an Egg Handlers Permit. There is a $75 fee for this permit.
  • If you are selling plants, you will need a Nursery Stock License. There is a $150 fee for this license but you can obtain a Fee Exempt License if your sales of plants will amount to less than $1000 in 12 months.

For Vendors of Cottage Foods

Cottage Foods include baked goods, candy, dried fruit, dried pasta, dry baking mixes, fruit pies, granola and cereals, jams and jellies, nut butters, popcorn, vinegar, and mustard. You will need to obtain a Cottage Food Operator License by completing the following:

 California Homemade Food Act Registration Application

Cottage Food Operations Self Certification Checklist


Questions: (530) 233-6310,

For Vendors of Prepared Foods

Prepared foods are foods served ready to eat such as food from food trucks. This type of food requires a Temporary Food Facility Permit.  FoodVendorPacket.pdf and TempFoodFacilityApp.pdf Questions: (530) 233-6310,

For Vendors of Arts and Crafts or any taxable goods:

Accepting Nutrition Benefits

  • Any food vendor (with the exception of hot/prepared food) can accept SNAP/EBT (Food Stamps) benefits. Please download and sign the EBT agreement and give it to your Market Managers before accepting any tokens.
  • Certified Producers who would like to accept WIC/Senior benefit coupons:
    Please contact your Market Manager for a brief training on the WIC/Senior Farmers market programs. When you have been trained, you'll fill out an Application for WIC Certification and receive your 6-digit vendor number.